Our Services

Our ultimate goal is to bring health care to your employees and help them stay injury free. We find people will not take time out of their day to seek medical attention unless absolutely necessary. That is why we have been developing avenues to bring medical care to the employee.

Our services at your establishment can include the following and more:

    During lunch or shift change, we are set up for: blood pressure checks, musculoskeletal screening, stress surveys, fitness consultation, nutrition surveys and sports injury consults. Your employees have a chance to address any present health concerns they have on their own time. A useful time to address and prevent future related work injuries. We can also reiterate any OSHA concerns that your facility has.
    Scheduled health talks with discussions specific to: office personnel (desk ergonomics, postural stress), manufacturing personnel (lifting ergonomics), and assembly workers (decreased repetitive motions, micro muscular breaks). These health talks can be formally or informally arranged. The length of talks can be from 10 to 60 minutes.
    Scheduled education talks related to preventing the most commonly reported injuries and addressing employee’s present health concerns that might not be apparent to the administration. At times employees feel more comfortable talking to someone not directly affiliated with their place of employment. I can then inform you about your employee’s present concerns.

    These screenings can be scheduled during the day or for evening shifts at four to six week intervals. Education talks can be used as supplements to your current programs and worked around the company schedule. There are no fees for these services.

    We are assisting companies in implementing preventative health programs for their employees to help keep them at work. This benefits both the company and the employees. Our health screenings and education talks are a value added service to your company since they can be specifically designed to compliment your existing programs. This gives your employees an added service that shows them how much you value their health and happiness at no cost to your company.